Toolkits for the Application of CDM Methodologies

Nolasco & Assoc. Inc. developed seven excel-based toolkits to be used by the project manager or auditing authority for the application of seven Approved Methodologies that estimate the emission reduction that a Clean Development Mechanism project can achieve.

Client: World Bank.

Developed toolkits cover the following methodologies:

  • AMS III .D - Methane recovery in agricultural and agro industrial activities
  • AMS III.E - Methane recovery in wastewater treatment
  • AMS III.F -¬†Avoidance of methane production from decay of biomass through composting
  • AMS III.H - Methane recovery in wastewater treatment
  • AMS III.I - Avoidance of methane production in wastewater treatment through replacement of anaerobic lagoons by aerobic systems
  • ACM0010 - Consolidated methodology for GHG emission reductions from manure management systems
  • ACM0014 - Mitigation of GHG emissions from treatment of industrial wastewater

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